Nataliya Andrianova Russia landscape,mountain,bnw,bandw,exhibition
Nataliya Andrianova

Born in Moscow, where she lives. Publicist, photographer, keen on street and travel photography. In her photographs she doesn't just show the surrounding reality, but tries to find imagery in the usual things. Winner of international photo contests: 2014 Foreign view, AdMe Photo Awards, Epson 2014-2015, all in Russia. 2015 Mountain and Nature Photography of Onati, Spain; Olympus Global Open Photo Contest. Grand Prix of black-and-white photography contest named af-ter N. Kostylev, Russia. Awarded diplomas: Polar Perspective 2014, Russia and Phodar Biennial 2015, Bulgaria. Finalist: 2014 Young Photographers of Russia; 2015 Ariano International Film Festival, Italy; Alfred Fried Photography Award, Austria; International Mountain Summit, Italy. Her photos have been presented at exhibitions in Russia, Israel, Bulgaria, Italy, Spain, UK, Armenia. The presented photos make up the series called "About A Little Man" ... It is about a little man, about his heavy search for the peace within himself ...

Awarded in international photo contests, such as Polar Perspective (2014, Russia), Foreign view (2014, 2016, Russia), AdMe Photo Awards (2014, Russia), Phodar Biennial (2015, Bulgaria), Black-And-White Photography Contest by name of N.Kostylev (2015, Russia), Fotografia de Montana y Naturaleza de Onati (2015, Spain), Olympus Global Open Photo Contest (2015, Japan), FotoKrok (2016, Belarus), Chernorechie (2017, Russia), Nikon (2017, Russia) and others.

Exhibited in Russia (Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kaliningrad, Ples, Dzerzhinsk, Norilsk, Murmansk, Lysva), Germany (Berlin, Hamburg, Budelsdorf), France (Paris), Italy (Rome, Bressanone, Ariano Irpino), Spain (Onati), Austria (Vienna), Switzerland (Zurich, Geneva), UK (London), Bulgaria (Pleven), Israel (Haifa), Georgia (Tbilisi), Armenia (Yerevan), Belarus (Vitebsk) and Japan (Tokyo, Osaka), Turkey (Konya), including a personal exhibition in Moscow, NordArt exhibitions (2016, 2017) and photo18 Zurich.



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